I used to bring with my self a Swiss army knife, someone told me once that I am like this, small, easy-going and plenty of resources
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Made in Benidorm, based in Barcelona.
I was an Art student in Valencia when I found my way to graphic design. During my Erasmus grant, (besides partying), I discovered how to apply my knowlegde in multimedia design.

Work experience

After three years working as a freelance, I moved to Barcelona where I have had the chance to join a worldclass UX Team and develop myself professionally. I am currently defining, managing and designing projects for national and international customers.

Highlighted projects

As you noticed, I haven't included projects... That's because I have worked for amazing customers with funny confidentiality agreements... seriously?
I am already working in some personal projects which I will included soon

Is not about what I did, It is about how I do it

  • Problem solver

    I solve problems. Yes, I know, every designer say the same. But believe me, I solved problems before I had a computer, I can be tiresome with that.

  • Meaningful Visual Experiences

    I could say that I've designed Meaningful Visual Experiences… sometimes yes, most times not. What I really can say is, I've designed usable and beautiful products from complex and boring processes.

  • Pixel perfect

    I can be pixel perfect, but I only do it if is worth. Something that I have learnt is to relativize the perfectionism.

  • Code Lover

    This has become my mantra: I will work with developers to make the job easier, I will work for creating the most efficient process for everyone.

  • Mediator

    I empathise with all the stakeholders seeking always for the best business and human solution.

  • Relativism

    Not everything is black or white, I used to live in a huge range of greys #333333 #666666 #999999

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